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Austrac Launches New Line of Temporary and Portable Accomodation

Austrac signs new agreement with South Korean Rock Breaker Company. 


General Repairs and Maintenance + Mining Compliance Modifications

We sell a few different brand machines and keep all spares in stock. We also service many other brand machines.  

We understand that extremely fast service, spare parts acquisition and customer support is important to our clientele.

We have made sure parts for the Austrac range are available from well known earth moving dealers. In the event that you decide to get your machine serviced elsewhere you can
rest assured that finding spare parts will not be a complicated process.

We have worked hard in finding suitable parts that are easily sourced.

Of course we are happy to supply all the parts for our machines, but ease of servicing and spare part acquisition is important, especially for rural customers and mining contractors

Mining Compliance

There are many that buy a machine then realise they need to spend a small fortune getting it compliant for the mining industry.

Austrac specialises in converting non-compliant earth moving machinery into compliant.

Everything from UHF radios, ROPS Cabins, hand rails, kick rails, reverse beeper, flashing beacons and much more. Just let us know what standard you require your machine to be compliant with and we'll be able to give you a quote over the phone most of the time.

Simply use the Contact Us page found here.