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Grabs to suit all brands and sizes of excavators. Buy with confidence. 

New range of heavy equipment undercarriage parts available. Track rollers, idler assemblies, track shoes and track chain for CAT, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitatchi and much more.


The D-Track System is simply a track system designed to fit onto our Gold Digger machine. 

Brochure Coming Very Soon. Thanks for your patience. The Austrac D-Track system provides full flotation for your digger.

The guide rollers (seen bottom centre of track) also help disperse the weight of the machineover a larger surface area. This means that the machine leaves a much lighter footprint. 

This is extremely handy for landscapers or other users where these machines may need to drive across nice lawn such as golf courses or hotels without leaving a mark.  

Different tread patterns are also available. However there are many instances where we would recommend tyres, so please give us a call sometime to dicsuss your needs.