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Austrac Launches New Line of Temporary and Portable Accomodation

Austrac signs new agreement with South Korean Rock Breaker Company. 


"How do we do it" We hear that question all the time - 

"how can your machines be using same engine as the competitions,
and european hydraulics and still sell for well under the competitions"? 

We source our engines and hydraulic components directly from the 
overseas manufacturers, rather than purchasing them from third parties or
resellers which have setup shop in Australia.

Of course some parts we will continue to purchase from Australian resellers,
but if we can cut out the middle man for you, then we are doing our job
of bringing you cost effective earth moving machinery.

We also have a responsible operating budget. A lower operating budget means
bigger savings for you. We never knock the competitions machines because
quite frankly, we really don't need to;

Of course you are not going to hear our competition say "Austrac source
their components straight from the overseas manufacturer and cut out the middleman".

You are more than likely to hear some vastly different reasons about why our
machines cost less. We understand this, and sometimes you'll notice on our marketing material that we say

It is your money, so exam these factors before you buy.