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Grabs to suit all brands and sizes of excavators. Buy with confidence. 

New range of heavy equipment undercarriage parts available. Track rollers, idler assemblies, track shoes and track chain for CAT, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitatchi and much more.


Austrac Industries 

The idea of combining the designing of machinery here in Western Australia and product sourcing high quality componentry from overseas manufacturers and also implementing cost effective overseas manufacturing to ensure a genuine cost effective solution whilst maintaining quality and reliablity was first conceived in 2007.

It was a hard road at first, Austrac was competing with well established companies whom also had long term  business relationships with some of the companies Austrac was targeting. 

However, as predicted cost effective solutions speak volumes and our products found their way into the Australian market.

Something our competition failed to factor in when we first launched was that the lower the price of a product, the larger your potential market becomes; they are inversely proportional.

We are now servicing and selling to a market that did not exist before, and because of our pricing structure and continuous re-examining of the market to stay ahead, we remain the only company in  Australia that can service this new market.

But it is not just direct product sourcing which cuts out the middleman combined with cost effective manufacturing techniques. A responsible operating budget is also engineered to maintain our market edge. By cutting down our annual operating budget we have been able to provide machines and other products at prices our competition simply cannot compete with.  

We have now moved into many other areas such as Excavators, Cranes, Drill Rigs, Accomodation, Oils and Lubricants, Rock Breakers and more. Please take a look around our site to learn about our great products and great company. 

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The Austrac Team